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Sha-wan-ga Lodge was a Catskill (Borscht Belt) Hotel operated from 1921 to 1972.

Short History

In 1921 Abraham Dan (Alvin & Abby’s Grandfather) bought Sha-wan-ga Lodge with his partner Mr. Coopersmith.   Before that Abraham Dan was one of the owners of the Morningside Hotel in Hurleyville & Mr. Coopersmith was in the restaurant business.

During the winter of 1926 the old main building burned to the ground and for a few years Sha-wan-ga operated with just cottages and a casino where shows were held and meals served.   Abraham Dan died and his children – Julius Dan, Sam Dan and Mae Dan who married Ed Atlass continued.   They bought out Mr. Coopersmith and built the largest and most modern building in the mountains.
Sam Dan and Ed Atlass operated  Sha-wan-ga for over 35 years and gained fine reputations as outstanding hotel men.  Dr. Julius Dan (Abby’s father) became a highly respected eye surgeon.   Mae was in charge of bookkeeping and was head cashier.

All three men died in the mid-60’s.  Alvin Atlass & Abby Dan – the third generation and both named after their grandfather, Abraham Dan, continued operating the hotel till it closed in 1972.    Alvin lives in Weston, Florida. Abby lives in Goshen, NY. Stephanie Dan Feldman – Sam’s daughter - lives in Maryland.

I have hundreds of pictures dating back to the early 40’s plus brochures and pictures from the 20’s.  My Uncle (Seymour Zolotorofe) was a photographer for the Journal American (a newspaper) and he took most of the 8 x 10 black and white pictures of the hotel.  Most were not dated, several were dated in August or September 1941.  Pictures taken in the 50’s & 60’s were by the hotel photographer. I hope you enjoy the pictures.
-- Abby (1936 - 2018)

There are over 1,600 pictures, many of them have detailed descriptions. Some of the descriptions my dad wrote and others are from my memories and the many many conversations my father and I had over the years pouring over every detail of these pictures. I welcome your input, memories and stories.
-- Gary

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